The University of Bologna for Iran

The expertise of the University of Bologna to understand what Iran is experiencing today.

IranThe University of Bologna has launched a series of events aimed at investigating the issues related to the current crisis in Iran in order to offer an interpretation of the events through a historical, sociological, and political approach.


The intention is to provide a toolkit to understand current events, to keep the focus on the Iranian situation, and to express closeness to those who are fighting and suffering for freedom.


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Previous events and initiatives

2 February 2023 - La crisi in Iran. Strumenti per comprendere le dinamiche interne

13 February 2023 - The Crisis in Iran. A Toolkit for Understanding International Dynamics

22 February 2023 - Alchemic Persia Wisdom and Knowledge between Myth and History

6 March 2023 - Avicenna filosofo e visionario, maestro dell'Occidente e dell'Oriente