Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The Strategic Plan is the programming document outlining the University mission, objectives and strategic areas of intervention.

This Strategic Plan acknowledges that our accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience must be constantly protected and enhanced, as we explore all possible openings in a changing world.

Our origins go far back, establishing deep roots that provide firm foundations for the constant renewal of the University, as well as the energy to drive experimentation and innovation.

The central role played by students is built into our DNA. They founded the Alma Mater in medieval times and, as ever, remain today the true protagonists of University life.

The education of young people is thus the key goal that the University pursues with determination not purely to transfer knowledge, but above all to develop a vision that reaches beyond the present to anticipate whatever tomorrow will bring.

So investing in education, training and research linked to societal needs is a priority, if we are to pass on our knowledge and, more importantly, develop a fully encompassing vision of the future.

Alma Mater Studiorum is acutely aware that University activities can have a significant impact on society, both directly and indirectly at local and global level, and that the success of each action depends, now more than ever, on the ability to work together in order to influence public policies. As such, the University of Bologna interacts constantly with our local communities in Bologna and at Multicampus level, focuses sharply on the various European exchange programmes, collaborates with hundreds of Universities around the world and promotes heavily the fundamental values that are central to research and teaching.

(Excerpt from the Introduction by the Rector of the University, Francesco Ubertini)