Open Access and Open Science - the University policy

The University policy on open access to research publications and data.

Approved on 19 December 2017, the Open Access policy implements the University’s Ethical Code of Behaviour and promotes the open access principle as defined in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and in the Messina Declaration, both signed by the University of Bologna. Moreover, the policy applies the European Commission Recommendations on access to and the preservation of scientific information, and Italian law n. 112/2013 art. 4, which states that publicly funded research shall be openly available to the public.

The University intends to support Open Access through the Institutional Research Repository (the green road) and the publishing services of the digital library, the adoption of incentives, and negotiations with publishers for immediate open access publication (the golden road).

The Open Access set by the policy concerns research publications including data, PhD theses and the data of the research.

All scientific contributors affiliated with the University of Bologna are bound by the policy.


Open Access is an international academic movement launched in the 1990s aimed at fostering the free and unrestricted distribution of research publications. Open Science is a European strategy that seeks to extend the principles of open access to research data and practices.

Open Science is meant to increase the international impact of scientific information, reducing the duplication of scientific studies and enhancing interdisciplinary studies, the transfer of knowledge to SMEs and the transparency and the accountability of science towards citizens. Moreover, it is intended to make it easier to reuse scientific research for education, while guaranteeing long-term preservation and facilitating the correct attribution and crediting of scientific works to their authors.

The University of Bologna is involved in the process of developing an open, transparent, and shared science. The University of Bologna for Open Science and Open Access videos aim at promoting and supporting this process.