Use of the University Brand in relation to consultancy contracts, commissioned research and co-marketing

Numerous third parties (mainly businesses) commission the University and its structures to carry out consultancy and research activities. Accordingly, there is frequently a need to regulate use of the University Brand (e.g. on products and the related packaging, on communications and advertising materials etc.).

With regard to contracts for consultancy or commissioned research, third parties may use the University Brand in two ways:

  • descriptive (the brand is used to make reference to the University in the context of collaboration, consultancy activities, supplies or research involving third parties);
  • distinctive (the principal function of the brand is to distinguish the products or services of one party from those of other parties).

Use of the University Brand by third parties for descriptive purposes

In the context of their economic activities, third parties may use the name “Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna” solely for descriptive purposes without any need for authorisation, within the limits of professional propriety

The limits of professional propriety mean, without limitation, that: 

- the consultancy or research relationship with the University arose prior to use of its name;

- the name of the University is used in a specific, proper and true manner, without making general references to collaboration, but instead specifying the exact nature and purpose of the consultancy provided or research carried out; 

- the font (Trajan) and colour (Pantone Cool Gray 10 cv) distinguishing the name of the University are not used unnecessarily. 

Use of the name of the University must not lead to any erroneous belief that the University is the manufacturer of the goods, or the supplier of the service, or an intermediary, or the importer of the goods or service into the European Union.

The existence of a contract for consultancy or commissioned research between the University and a third party does not mean that the brand can use the University Brand, even for merely descriptive purposes.

Use of the University Brand by third parties for distinctive purposes

Third parties wishing to use the University Brand in a manner that is not merely descriptive must request prior authorisation from the University Brand and Sponsorships Committee. 

Applications to use the University Brand must be made in writing and sent to the e-mail address: or to the following postal address: Brand Management, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Area Rapporti Imprese, Terza Missione e Comunicazione, Via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna. 

The application must be accompanied by all appropriate information and documentation describing the initiative and how the University Brand will be used, giving details of the third-party applicant and the prior collaboration with the University on which the application is founded. 

If authorisation is granted, the third party will be required to sign a licensing contract with the University.

Everything described in relation to the use of the University Brand shall also be deemed applicable to the University Brand accompanied by the name of the Structure.

The University does not allow the use of its brand under any circumstances, when that use is incompatible with its institutional objectives, the reputation of the University or the values that it represents.