Sponsoring the University, its Departments, Schools and Campuses

Sponsorships are permitted to pursue the institutional purposes of the University, excluding all forms of conflict of interest between the institutional activities of the University and the activities of the sponsor(s) and to obtain cost savings and/or new income for the University.

The University and/or Department, School or Campus associates its image with that of the sponsor through sponsorship contracts in order to support:

  • cultural events organised by the University and/or its Departments;
  • works, supplies and services as laid down in the Code of Public Contracts (D.Lgs. 163/2006);
  • services provided by the University to its own internal and external users as part of its institutional activities.

Sponsorship contracts may be signed with one or more private and public parties, economic operators, foundations and non-profit associations.

The visibility of the sponsors is permitted exclusively within the sponsored event.

Sponsorship proposals are assessed by the University Institutional Brand and Sponsorships Board.

Sponsorship proposals must be sent to ARTEC – Settore Comunicazione.