Gender Equality Annual Report 2016

A year after publishing the first edition of the Gender Equality Annual Report of our University, I am now pleased to present its second edition to our entire community. Firstly, I would like to thank the Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination at Work, by thanking its president, Professor Tullia Gallina Toschi, and all its members, for autonomously insisting on the redaction of this document, which is an important source of information.

It is our duty to look at the gender inequalities in our University on an annual basis. It is an important opportunity to ask ourselves how far we still have to go before the members of our community, both male and female students, teachers and technical and administration staff, feel their efforts and work is fully recognised and valued, regardless of their gender.

The figures in the Gender Equality Annual Report show – and you only have to look at the comments next to the charts to realise it – an implacable change of our mentality and prove that the road that leads to gender equality, even if rough, has already been traced. The difficulties and the realisation that a sudden change of direction cannot be achieved, must not appear as obstacles, but be an incentive to keep doing better, maybe even starting from the smallest things.

The actions taken by our University's management have led to positive results: the entire community, starting from the students, has shown that it is interested in discussing and reflecting on the differences, in order to turn them into incentives and assets, rather than a source of inequality.

I am firmly convinced of the great importance of our Gender Equality Annual Report. It is useful because it proves that changes are needed, it shows that things are actually changing and places faith and trust in a more equal and therefore more valuable University.

Francesco Ubertini