Global ambassadors of the University of Bologna

The Alumni community includes more than 18,000 graduates per year, along with all those who, for various reasons, have completed their studies or a period of research at our University.

Alumni are a valuable resource for the future since they are true ambassadors in Italy and worldwide of the values of an ancient and prestigious University. With their time and skills, they contribute to the growth of the University where they studied. 

The Almae Matris Alumni Association (AMA Association), which was founded in cooperation with the University of Bologna, aims to enhance the Alumni community as a network of global ambassadors and to encourage them to be actively engaged in University life.

Students and graduates who wish to become members of the association will have access to a number of exclusive initiatives and services:

  • Joining the Alumni Community: to facilitate networking opportunities through the dedicated digital platform.
  • Joining Chapters: networks that bring graduates together according to geographic location or disciplinary area of interest.
  • The Mentoring Programme: it allows support for professional and personal development to be provided or obtained.
  • Job opportunities, lifelong learning and dedicated events.

Visit the Almae Matris Alumni Association website and find out how to become a member: an opportunity to remain Alma Mater Alumni for life.