Certified e-mail - PEC

List of PEC addresses.

For all official requests, write to the University of Bologna using the certified e-mail address: scriviunibo@pec.unibo.it

This e-mail receives messages only from other certified e-mail addresses. E-mails sent from non-certified addresses will not be delivered.


For messages destined to other departments, consult the list of PEC addresses:


Architecture - DA: da.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Cultural Heritage - DBC: dbc.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it 

Chemistry «Giacomo Ciamician» - CHIM: chim.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it  

Industrial Chemistry «Toso Montanari» - CHIMIND: chimind.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

The Arts - DAR: darvipem.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Pharmacy and Biotechnology - FaBiT:  fabit.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Classical Philology and Italian Studies - FICLIT: ficlit.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Philosophy and Communication Studies - FILCOM: filcom.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Physics and Astronomy - DIFA: difa.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Computer Science and Engineering - DISI: disi.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering - DICAM: dicam.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering «Guglielmo Marconi» - DEI: dei.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Industrial Engineering - DIN: din.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it 

Interpreting and Translation - DIT: dit.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - LILEC: lilec.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it 

Mathematics - MAT: mat.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES: dimes.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Psychology - PSI: psi.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it  

Management - DiSA: disa.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences - BiGeA: bigea.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences - DIBINEM: dibinem.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Education Studies «Giovanni Maria Bertin» - EDU: edu.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Agricultural and Food Sciences - DISTAL: distal.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Economics - DSE: dse.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it 

Legal Studies - DSG: dsg.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Medical and Surgical Sciences - DIMEC: dimec.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it 

Veterinary Medical Sciences - DIMEVET: dimevet.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

For Life Quality Studies - QUVI: quvi.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Political and Social Sciences - SPS:  sps.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Statistical Sciences «Paolo Fortunati» - STAT: stat.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

Sociology and Business Law - SDE:  sde.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it

History and Cultures - DiSCi: disci.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it


Interdepartmental Centres for Industrial Research

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Aerospace Research - CIRI Aerospace: ciriaeronautica.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Agrofood Research - CIRI Agrofood: ciriagro.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial ICT Research - CIRI ICT: ciriict.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research in Advanced Mechanical Engineering Applications and Materials Technology - CIRI Advanced Mechanics and Materials: cirimam.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research in Building and Construction - CIRI Building and Construction: ciriedilcostr.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research in Renewable Resources, Environment, Sea and Energy - CIRI Renewable Resources, Environment, Sea and Energy – FRAME: cirienamb.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research in Health Sciences and Technologies - CIRI Health Sciences and Technologies: ciriscvitatecsal.centro@pec.unibo.it


Other structures

Advanced School of Studies on the City and Territory - SSCT: ssct.scuola@pec.unibo.it

Alma Mater Institute on Healthy Planet (Alma Healthy Planet): almaplanet.centro@pec.unibo.it

"A. Gaudenzi and G. Fassò" Interdepartmental Research Centre for History of Law, Philosophy and Sociology of Law and Legal Computer Science - CIRSFID: cirsfid.centro@pec.unibo.it

Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism - CAST: cast.centro@pec.unibo.it

Centre for Applied Biomedical Research - CRBA: crba.centro@pec.unibo.it

Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Centre - CILDIC: cildic.centro@pec.unibo.it

"Ercole De Castro" Research Centre on Electronic Systems for Information and Communication Technologies- ARCES: arces.centro@pec.unibo.it

"Giorgio Prodi" Interdepartmental Cancer Research Centre - CIRC: circ.centro@pec.unibo.it

Interdepartmental Research Centre for Environmental Sciences - CIRSA: cirsa.centro@pec.unibo.it

"L. Galvani" Interdepartmental Research Centre for Integrative Studies in Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biocomplexity - CIG: cig.centro@pec.unibo.it

National Institute of Artificial Insemination - INFA: infa@pec.unibo.it

Public Sector Research and Training Centre - CRIFSP: crifsp.centro@pec.unibo.it

University Centre for the protection and promotion of health and safety - Health Physics:  

University Farm: azagr.direzione@pec.unibo.it



Bologna University Library- BUB: bub.biblioteca@pec.unibo.it



University Museum System - SMA: sma.musei@pec.unibo.it