The tutors you can count on in your studies

Talk to people who have already been through the same process to quickly find your feet at university.

The best advice on how to organise your time and adopt an effective study method comes from those who have already completed or are about to complete the same programme as you.
The tutors, who may be students or even lecturers, are here to provide you with information, teaching and practical support as you pursue your studies.

Each programme has its own tutor, and there may also be tutors for specific topics. In addition, the university provides tutors who deal with cross-curricular topics, not limited to a single programme.
You have a tailor-made tutor for your every need.

Degree programme tutors

Tutors will be at your disposal throughout your studies.
These are students who will give you support on various topics, including:

  • How to access the programme
  • subjects
  • guidance and study methods
  • international exchange programmes
  • dissertation writing
  • internships and postgraduate programmes

Welcome and Orientation Tutor

They carry out information and support activities regarding courses in specific fields for those who want to enroll in a first-level course or single-cycle program, or for new students. They are students, often from outside the area, who can provide guidance and practical information about courses, admission procedures, locations, services, offices to contact, and life in the new university environment.

Some of them conduct guided tours of the university premises at the Romagna Campuses.

Get to know your tutor

Tutors for people with disabilities

They can help you with your studies, bibliographical research, administrative tasks and accompany you between the different university facilities.

Students with Disabilities and SLD website

Tutors for people with SLD

They offer you support in preparing for exams, strengthening your study method, drafting and correcting reports or dissertation and/or preparing accessible teaching materials. They will also help you with organisational issues and offer guidance at the start of your university career.

Students with Disabilities and SLD website

Tutors for ER.GO halls of residence

If you stay in a student residence, they offer you a welcome, information and support regarding your university residence, the new student reality and the city of Bologna.

Discover the ER.GO residence tutors 



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