Training outside of the training network

Guidelines issued by the Academic Senate concerning training outside of the training network

Art. 42 of the Specialisation Schools Regulations establishes the possibility for specialisation students to perform a period of training - for a maximum period of eighteen months in the whole programme - in Italy or abroad at facilities that are not part of the training network.

In line with the instructions of the Academic Senate, the procedure laid down must consider the following phases and contents:

  • request from the specialist medical student to the Director of the School - using the form Agreement for activities outside of the training network for specialist medical students, which must be completed and signed in the relative parts by the hosting facility;
  • approval of the School Board;
  • signature of the form by the Director, returning the form to the medical student;
  • within one week from the start of the relative training activities, the specialist medical students shall send the Specialisation School the Period Certificate form, with the first part completed. This form, completed in all parts, must be submitted no later than 30 days from the end of the period considered;
  • on their return, and in any case prior to the end of year exam, the specialist medical student shall present a certification of the activities undertaken, signed by the contact person of the foreign hosting facility - form Certificate of activities performed outside of the training network, and any other documentation the School may request;
  • on the basis of this documentation, and in compliance with the authorisations of the Board at the time of approval, the School Board confirms the acknowledgement of the learning activities undertaken and their consistency with the personal curriculum. The documentation will be annexed to the student record book and, where required, will replace any corresponding parts;
  • when part of the Erasmus Placement programme, the medical student must in any case comply with the instructions given in the relative application and complete the forms made available by the competent offices, without prejudice to the competence of the Director and Board of the School as stated above.

The authorised period must in any case be completed within one single academic year. If abroad at the time of the annual exams, the medical student must return to sit the exams at the university.

Insurance coverage is provided by the foreign host organisation or, if this is not agreed, by the postgraduate medical student.

The health authority, where the training is predominantly based, provides accident insurance to the postgraduate medical students wherever they may be, including in other facilities of any kind (including university facilities) both within and without the region or abroad. Registration with the Italian workplace health and safety insurance system (INAIL) will be done by the health authorities, including for learning activities.

Further instructions may be established from the Schools (for example, if the training outside of the training network is bound to a year of enrolment, or the completion of specific learning activities, number of applications accepted per year, period during which the students may present applications, any exclusions for certain subjects/attendances; the minimum/maximum duration of such periods within the total of 18 months).