Specialist medical training

The specialist medical training is a full time programme. The commitment demanded is the same as that required of full-time national health service staff.
By signing the contract, the specialist medical student undertakes to follow the training programme and sit the relative exams, performing all theoretical and practical activities envisaged in the School regulation.

All learning and care activities of specialist medical students are performed under the supervision of tutors appointed by the school board. The methods of performance of the theoretical and practical activities, including rotation in the facilities included in the training network, the minimum number and type of practical activities that must be performed personally in order to be able to sit the final annual exam, are laid down in advance by the School Board. Specialist medical training implies the participation in all medical activities in the ward/unit to which the student is assigned by the School Board, as well as the gradual undertaking of care activities and the performance of interventions autonomously, bound to the instructions received by the tutor, in agreement with the management of the health board and the managers in charge of the health facilities where the training is performed. Under no circumstances shall the specialist medical students' activities replace those of full-time staff. The times and methods established for the performance of care activities and the type of interventions the specialist medical student must perform are agreed by the School Board with the health board management and the managers in charge of the health facilities where the training is performed in line with the personal study programme.

On completion, the activities and interventions are illustrated and certified, and countersigned by the specialist medical student, in a special personal training record book ("libretto diario"), by the person in charge of the unit where the student is performing the care activities laid down in the study programme.

The previous system Schools (D.M. 01/08/2005) teaching rules require residents to choose special elective activities; every year this page will make known the procedure and deadlines for choosing.