Incompatibility. For the full duration of the full-time training programme, the specialist medical student may not perform any freelance activities outside of the care facilities in which the training is performed, or any other contracted work with the national health service or any other public and private bodies or institutions.
Full-time training is compatible only with the following activities:

  • In-hospital freelance activities
  • Emergency medical services (Guardia medica)
  • Substitution of general practitioners
  • Tourist medical services (Guardia turistica)

The activities may be performed compatibly with the requirements of the specialist training programme and are not covered by the insurance covering the specialist training.
Breach of the incompatibility requirements will constitute cause for the early termination of the contract.
The specialist medical student with a public contract of employment shall, compatibly with service requirements, be given leave of absence without remuneration. The period of leave counts towards career seniority and national insurance calculations.
Finally, the specialist medical student may attend specific general medical courses only after having completed the specialisation programme, or by withdrawing from the programme.