Badges, clothing, meals, personal stamps

Information for students enrolled in the Medical Specialisation Schools

Concerning the issue of the badges, clothing, meals, personal stamps, please refer to each health administration.

To collect your meal tickets for the S.Orsola Malpighi Polyclinic (each ticket costs €30, for 30 meals):

  • specialist medical students must present their badge (issued by the Hospital) when collecting the tickets, and if collecting the tickets also for colleagues should bring their badges too.
  • the tickets are issued by the "Patrimonio e Servizi Economali" service, Purchasing Office: from Monday to Friday, excluding Thursdays, from 9.00/11.15 am; afternoons: Tuesday and Thursday 2.30/3.30 pm;
  • the meal tickets must be paid for in cash, the office does not have an electronic card payment service.

For associated/aggregated schools, the specialist medical students should ask for information from their own university contact staff.

  • Ferrara: Health and Specialisation Schools Office in Ferrara (Via Savonarola n. 9 Ferrara – 44123 Tel. 0532.293478);
  • Modena: Specialisation Schools Office in Modena (Via del Pozzo, 71 Modena – Entrance 3 II Floor Building L of the Polyclinic, tel. 059.422.4997 - 059.422.5643 - 059.422.5453; fax 059.422.3876);
  • Parma: Specialisation Schools Office in Parma (Specialisations Department, Via Volturno, 39 - 43125 Parma);
  • Ancona: Specialisation Schools Office in Ancona (Rip. Specialisation Schools – Faculty of Medicine University Polytechnic of the Marche, tel. 071.2206.139; fax 071.2206.140)