Withdrawal from studies

Withdrawal from studies is a formal act through which you notify your decision to end your university career.

It is an irrevocable deed, and does not give you the right to a refund of any fees paid. The signed declaration of withdrawal leads to the loss of status from the time of presentation to the competent office. You will also be required to refund any benefits received unduly.

How to present an application to withdraw from studies

To withdraw from studies you must:

  • fill in the application form   for withdrawal from studies;
  • print the form, sign it and affix a 16.00 EUR duty stamp;
  • take to the Non-Medical Specialisation School Administration office: the withdrawal application, your record book (if you have it), your university badge;

The application is always accepted, except in the event of you not having paid all fees or having to reimburse any amounts received unduly through scholarships, subsidies, etc.

Deadline for the presentation of the application to withdraw

The application for withdrawal from studies may be presented at any time.


Only for students with non-EU citizenship resident abroad:

Withdrawal from studies implies the annulment of the requirements for staying in the Italian territory. Students withdrawing from studies who wish to enrol again at this or another University cannot use the residence permit issued for study purposes for the previous registration, but must repeat the pre-enrolment procedure at the Italian Representation in their foreign country of residence.