Information on participation in the entrance exams

Information for candidates for the entrance exams to the Specialisation Schools in Cultural Heritage, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Health and Law.

For admission to the Specialisation Schools, candidates must pass an entrance exam. For admission to the entrance exam, candidates must pre-register, following the procedure described below:

1. Registration and Access to the system

Enter Studenti Online, using your own credentials.

Candidates graduated from the University of Bologna or who have previously been registered with the university on Almawelcome can access using their username and password.

Candidates registering for the first time with the university must register using their own tax ID number.

Foreign candidates who do not have an Italian tax ID must access the "International Student Registration" section and follow the instructions to create their institutional credentials.

2. Registering for the entrance exam

To register for the entrance exam, having accessed the system using your credentials, you must:

  • select the chosen Specialisation School;
  • enter the data required;
  • enclose the documents required, in pdf format, following the instructions given on the website;
  • pay the entrance exam fee of €60.00.

Payment must be made by the deadline laid down in the call for applications (or the procedure will not be valid) solely in one of the following methods:

  • online by credit card (circuits: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express), even using a card not in the candidate's name, on Studenti Online;
  • at any branch of Unicredit Banca using the payment code printed at the end of the on-line pre-registration procedure. The bank accepts only cash or "non-transferable" circular cheques made out to: Unicredit Banca - Cassiere Università di Bologna. The bank clerk will issue a payment receipt to the candidate.

Payments at other banks, by bank transfer, or postal payments are not permitted. The mandatory entrance exam fee will under no circumstances be refunded by the University.

3. Documents to enclose with the application (applications without the following documents will be rejected)

Candidates must enclose the following documents, in pdf format, with their application, or will not be accepted:

  • a front and back photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • affidavit, signed and dated, confirming that the photocopy of the document presented is a true copy, the type of degree and final grade obtained, and all other information requested in the call. The form is available in the on-line registration procedure.

Candidates are admitted to the entrance exam only when they have completed the registration procedure described and paid the required fee in the terms and methods described above.