How to apply for a PhD programme

PhD Programmes attendance at the University of Bologna is conditional upon passing an examination. The provisions governing the selection procedure are laid down in the Call for applications and its attachments.

Who can apply

  • a graduate (second-cycle degree or single-cycle degree programme) of the University of Bologna or of another Italian or foreign university.
  • an undergraduate (second-cycle degree or single-cycle degree programme) of the University of Bologna or of another Italian or foreign university and will graduate by the starting date of the PhD programme.

Call for Applications

At the moment there are no open calls. The Call for Applications for the admission in the PhD programmes for the A.Y. 2024/2025 shall be published on this page in spring 2024.

Select your PhD programme

In the meantime, we suggest you to browse the list of the available PhD programmes and choose the one you are interested in. Reading the (expired) Call for Applications and PhD programme tables for the previous cycle can be helpful to get an idea of the admission requirements and the documents to be submitted. Remember, however, that in the new Call these data may change: after it has been published, we therefore urge you to read it carefully.

Before applying

The application must be submitted using the Studenti Online website only. If you are using it for the first time, you will be required to register submitting your personal data.

If you are registered in Studenti Online, you can use the credentials you are already in possession of. If the credentials have not been used for a long time, an account recovery procedure is available on the University website.

Keep in mind that who has participated even once to a selection procedure or has been enrolled in an academic programme at the University of Bologna, is already in possession of the credentials A new registration with the same anagraphic data will not be possible. In this case, the recovery procedure of the previous credentials is required. It is therefore advisable to start your application process well in advance of the deadline.

Submit the application

  • While the call for applications is open, log in Studenti Online
  • Select “Admission application”, then “PhD programme” and ”Next”
  • Select the PhD programme you intend to apply for
  • Fill in the online application form and upload the documents
  • Remember to pay the €5 admission fee, before the deadline, using the PagoPA system only (check the Pago PA system user manual [.pdf 314 KB]).
  • Click on ”Submit”

Applications that have been filled in but not submitted by the deadline of the call will be rejected.

For international applicants

Entry visa and residence permit for international PhD candidates

Read the information on entry visa and residence permit for international PhD candidates

Extra-quota positions

If you’ve been awarded a scholarship funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation MAECI or by other Institutions in your Country of origin, and you’ve successfully passed the selection procedure as an eligible applicant, you shall be entitled to an extra-quota position. In order to obtain this possibility, please, submit an official document attesting your scholarship awarding.