Vocational degree programmes

The distinctive features of vocational degree programmes and what the University of Bologna has to offer.

What is a vocational degree programme?

A vocational degree programme is a degree in which classroom training is accompanied by laboratory training and an internship in a company.

Indeed, the course structure provides for one third of the course to take place in workshops and one third to be composed of internships carried out directly in companies matching the professional profile formed by the programmes.

The programmes are the result of partnerships between universities, local authorities and local businesses, and designed to train professionals who, due to their specific skills, can find a coherent and satisfactory employment outlet in the Emilia-Romagna Region’s economic system.

What distinguishes them from other degree programmes?

The vocational oriented degree programmes are the result of a fruitful and constant dialogue with local companies and are aimed at fostering rapid job placement for graduates in the region's production system. Professionals from the industrial world work alongside university lecturers to deliver the more vocational content.

At the end of the three years, you will already be able to go straight into the world of work. These programmes, therefore, find their natural outlet in the world of work and not in subsequent cycles of studies. If, however, following graduation you decide to continue your studies with a Master's degree, you can do so by completing certain supplementary activities.

What is needed to register for vocationally-oriented degree programmes

As of academic year 2023/24, in order to enrol in vocationally-oriented degree programmes, it is necessary to take the TOLC-LP, a test valid only for vocationally-oriented degrees.

From 23 March 2023, on the CISIA website, you will be able to book for the TOLC-LP and take a practice test.

The tests will take place from 26 April: book early to avoid missing the opportunity. Only after you have taken the TOLC-LP will you be able to participate in the call for applications, which will be published on the degree programme website from the end of March.

What career-oriented programmes are offered by the University of Bologna

Programmes will run only following the completion of the established ministerial procedure.

The active programmes for academic year 2023/24 are:

First Cycle degree in Mechatronics

Website of the degree programme in Mechatronics

First Cycle degree in Chemical Methodologies for Products and Processes

Website of the degree programme in Chemical Methods for Products and Processes

First Cycle degree in Building and Land Use Techniques

Website of the degree programme in Building and Land Use Techniques

First Cycle degree in Information Systems Technology

Website of the degree programme in Information Systems Technology

First Cycle degree/bachelor in Polymeric composite materials

Website of the degree programme in Polymeric composite materials