On arrival in Italy: declaration of presence and residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) for exchange students

Important! in the coronavirus emergency period remember that you must comply with the obligation of fiduciary isolation, where applicable, before submitting the declaration of presence or the application for a residence permit.

Declaration of presence for stays of less than 90 days

Non-EU exchange students intending to stay in Italy for less than 90 days must present a declaration of presence (they do not need to apply for a residence permit).

If you are entering Italy from a country not included in the Schengen Area, the uniform Schengen stamp, placed on the passport during border controls, replaces the declaration of presence.
If you are entering Italy transiting through a country included in the Schengen Area, you must deliver the declaration of presence within 8 days following your entry into Italy to the Police station (Questura) in the Province you are domiciled in.

If you are staying in a hotel, the declaration of presence is represented by the declaration made to the hotelier and undersigned by you.
You must always carry a copy of the declaration of presence, as you may be asked to show it in case of police checks.

Residence permit for stays of more than 90 days

Non-EU students intending to stay in Italy for more than 90 days must apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 working days following their arrival in Italy.

Applying for a residence permit with the support of the University of Bologna

Before filling in the application for the residence permit you must Check-in at the International Relations office on your Campus: BolognaCesena, ForlìRavennaRimini.

At the Check-in, the International Relations office provides the documents that must be attached to the residence permit application and, if you need help, the office staff can provide assistance and information on the documents required to submit the application correctly.

Once the residence permit is issued, you must deliver a copy to the International Relations Office of your Campus (by handing in, but also by sending via mail or e-mail). If you forget it, after 180 days from the Check-in, you are not allowed to sit exams.

If you are domiciled in Bologna and the province, at the Check-in you can request an appointment for the support service in preparing the application for the residence permit. The service is free of charge.

Applying autonomously for a residence permit

If you wish so, you can apply directly for the residence permit, obtaining a kit from qualified post offices (Sportello Amico). The kit is an envelope containing the forms and instructions on how to fill them in.

Having correctly completed and signed the forms, you must go to a qualified post office (Sportello Amico) and deliver:

  • the forms in an unsealed envelope;
  • a duty stamp worth € 16;
  • your original passport, the copies of the pages containing your personal details and the entry visa and stamp and the copies of any other pages with visas and entry and exit stamps; 
  • a copy of the letter of invitation issued by the University of Bologna and presented to obtain the visa from the Italian Embassy abroad, stamped by the Embassy;
  • the arrival statement from the University of Bologna issued by the International Relations office at the Check-in;
  • a copy of your registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) or health insurance policy;
  • a copy of the documents proving you have the funds needed to cover living cost in Italy (for 2020 the benchmarks are: minimum € 459,83 per month or € 5.977,79 per year). You can submit the same documents you provided for the visa application or a bank account statement or, if you have been assigned a scholarship, an official letter detailing its amount, duration and issuing body;
  • documents proving your accommodation in Italy.

Moreover, when delivering the application to the post office, you must pay:

  • the Electronic Residence Permit (PSE) production cost (€ 30,46);
  • the Residence Permit fee (€ 40);
  • the service charge for submitting the application via registered mail (€ 30).

When delivering the kit to the post office, you are given an appointment at the Immigration Office (Ufficio Immigrazione) of the Police station (Questura) for photographic identification. It is very important that you keep this appointment.

The residence permit is issued for the same reasons and for the duration indicated in the visa. If health insurance policy has a duration shorter than that of the visa, the duration of the residence permit will be that of the insurance policy.

Eventually you must:

  • provide a correct domicile address to the post office: the Police station (Questura) sends any notices or calls in the event of problems in issuing the residence permit to the indicated address. It is important that your name and surname are indicated correctly on the letterbox/door entry phone;
  • keep the receipt given by the post office: in case of police checks, it proves that you have applied for the residence permit.

To track the status of your application for issue/renewal, after the appointment at the Police station (Questura) you can enter the code allocated to the file during the appointment or the insured mail number (the password written on the receipt given by the post office) on the State Police website.

Attention (only for the Questura in Bologna): the Immigration Office in Bologna is not going to notify you when your permit is ready via SMS. However, around 6 to 8 weeks after the photographic identification, you will be able to check on www.questura.bologna.it whether your Residence Permit is ready and book an appointment to pick it up. Remember to print your pickup booking and bring it with you to the Immigration Office.

Having collected your residence permit, you must deliver a copy to the International Relations Office of your Campus (by handing in, but also by sending via mail or e-mail). If you forget it, after 180 days from the Check-in, you are not allowed to sit exams.