What are university educational credits - CFU

CFU are a tool used to measure the quantity of learning, including individual study, required of a student in order to acquire knowledge and skills in the learning activities envisaged in the degree programme.

One credit (CFU) usually corresponds to 25 hours of work, including lessons, exercises, etc., as well as home study. For each academic year, students occupied in full-time education are required to complete an average quantity of work set at 60 credits, equal to 1500 hours.

For each learning activity the work load consists in the time it theoretically takes an average student to obtain the learning outcomes laid down in the Student Guide under "knowledge and skills to be achieved". The learning outcomes are what the student will know, understand or be able to do at the end of the learning process.

CFUs are obtained by passing exams or other assessment tests.

Credits define the quantity of work; the quality of the student's performance on the other hand is documented by a grade, (expressed out of thirty for exams or other tests and out of one hundred and ten for the final examination), with honours where awarded.

Credits allow the comparison of different degree programmes run by Italian and European universities through the assessment of the work load required of the student in given subject areas in order to achieve the set learning outcomes.

They also facilitate the possibility to transfer from one degree programme to another, or from one university to another, also abroad.

Credits acquired during a degree may be recognised for the purpose of continuing other study programmes.