Withdrawal from studies

The withdrawal from studies is a formal act through which you decide to end your university career.

It is very important to understand that this is an irrevocable act and does not imply the right to reimbursement of any fees paid.

How to present an application to withdraw from studies

To withdraw from studies:

  • fill in the online withdrawal form that you find on Studenti Online;
  • print and sign the form and apply a €16 duty stamp;
  • present your withdrawal application to your Student Administration Office or send it by post (in this case you must include a copy of a valid ID).

Withdrawal application deadlines and rules

You may present your withdrawal application at any time. Your application will be accepted only if you have paid all fees (outstanding debts) due to the University and/or ER.GO.

The withdrawal procedure starts on the date you present your paper application to the Student Administration Office or, if you sent the application by post, on the date the Office receives it. Please be reminded that simply filling in the online form is not sufficient; therefore, tuition fees will continue to be payable until the date you present your withdrawal application at the Student Administration Office or the Office receives your application by post.

What you can do if you have withdrawn

Students who have withdrawn from studies at any Italian university and who wish to start a new university career at the University of Bologna must re-enrol. However, students may ask the Degree Programme Board to consider recognising their previously acquired credits, in whole or in part, after paying the fee established by the competent bodies.

if you have withdrawal from studies from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019 (unless otherwise specified in the call for applications), from 25 July to 28 November 2019 you may matriculate in the same degree programme of the University of Bologna without taking the entrance exam (unless it is a national restricted access degree programme) by promptly contacting the student administration office of your degree programme.

Students with non-European Union citizenship resident abroad (non-EU)

Once the withdrawal from studies is formalised, students also lose their right to stay in Italy.
Students withdrawing from studies who wish to enrol again at the same or a different University cannot use the residence permit issued for study purposes for the previous enrolment, but must repeat the pre-enrolment procedure at the Italian Representation in their foreign country of residence. For further details, all non-UE students wishing to withdraw from studies, should duly contact the International Desk to receive full information with regard to their stay in Italy.