Loss of student status

The loss of student status leads to the impossibility to continue the university career.

Following the amendments to Student Regulations, the rules on the loss of student status have changed. You lose your student status if you do not take exams or final evaluations (including failing exams and refusing marks) for eight consecutive years after the last exam or last regular enrolment, whichever is more favourable.

If you only need to sit the final examination, your student status is never lost regardless of the regulations governing your degree programme.

The eight years are counted from a.y. 2020/21 included and this rule applies also to students who, based on the pre-existing regulations, would have lost their status on 31 March 2021.

With regard to the loss of student status, please be reminded that:

  • the academic year ends on 31 March of the year following that of enrolment;
  • if you interrupt your studies, the years of interruption count as years “fuori corso” (past the envisaged completion date);
  • repetition years are equivalent to years enrolled “fuori corso”;
  • the years of suspension (in the cases provided by art.17 of the Student regulations), are not counted for loss-of-status purposes;
  • the payment of tuition fees does not change the deadlines for the loss of student status.

Student status is lost immediately as the above situations arise, without need for prior communication.

If you are a student with a legal disability status 66%,% or more, or are eligible for the benefits provided by Law 104/1992, or have diagnosed specific learning disabilities (SLD), you can request a specific resolution regarding your loss-of-status deadlines, regardless of your year of first matriculation. Complete the application form [. pdf 637 KB] in full, sign it and submit it at the Student Administration Office during the year prior to the expected loss-of-status deadline, at least one month in advance (February). The request will be assessed by a special Committee and may involve an interview.

What to do if you lose your student status

If you have lost your student status and intend to start a new University career at the University of Bologna, you must enrol again in the first year of a degree programme. You can however ask the Degree Programme Board to consider recognising your previous credits, in whole or in part. You will find all the relevant information on the Shortening of programme page.

Applicable regulations

The Loss of student status is regulated by article 19 of the Student regulations of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.