Recognition of student-athlete status

Top-level athletes can apply for the "dual-career programme – student-athlete status" in order to combine their university studies with a career in competitive sports. The level of education provided prepares them for a sound professional career also after retiring as athletes.

Who can apply

You can apply for student-athlete status if:

  • you are enrolled in a degree programme at the University of Bologna
  • you are a member of National Sports Federations (FSN) or Associated Sport Disciplines (DSA) of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) or CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee)
  • you meet at least one of the following requirements
  1. you were summoned in preparation of the Summer or Winter Olympics/Paralympics in the 12 months before submitting the application;
  2. you were summoned on at least one occasion to the national teams of FSN/DSA of CONI/CIP in the 12 months before submitting the application;
  3. you have been formally recognised as an athlete of "national interest” by the FSN/DSA of CONI/CIP;
  4. for individual sports, if at the time of submission of the application you rank in the top 32 of the overall national ranking or youth ranking of the FSN/DSA of CONI/CIP;
  5. for team sports, if at the time of submission of the application you are participating in the top championship organised by the relevant FSN/DSA; for team sports linked to FSN that have activated a professional sector, participation in the championship immediately below the top division is also valid.

To retain your student-athlete status during the following academic years you must meet the above-mentioned requirements, which will be assessed annually by a committee.  

Benefits of the student-athlete status

If you obtain the student-athlete status:

  • you can agree ad hoc exam dates with professors, if exam dates clash with sport schedules (competitions, training sessions and relevant transfers), or even request to sit exams online via the platforms adopted by the University (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom). To do so, you must contact your professor at least 7 days before the exam date and provide all the necessary information in order to allow him/her to find an alternative date, even if not within the exam session;
  • you can receive support from an academic tutor who will help you choose curricula and internships, also in view of your professional future following retirement from your sporting career; to keep up to date with study programmes, course units and exam dates, and to maintain contact with administration offices, you can count on the help of your degree programme tutor (student tutor or other tutor);
  • you can participate in a series of multidisciplinary seminars on sport to receive recognition of 6 elective learning credits;
  • at the end of your degree programme, you will obtain a Diploma Supplement certifying the specific nature of your dual career as a student-athlete;
  • you can stay in ER.GO student accommodation facilities for free, subject to availability and for no longer than 10 consecutive days. For your accommodation request, please write to, copying (Cc) and specifying the period of time required at least 15 days before your arrival date. ER.GO will check availability and will reply providing all the information for your stay. Accommodation is free but you will be required to pay a €70 refundable deposit;
  • you can renew your student-athlete status even if you do not meet any of the requirements to access the programme, if you suffered a serious injury that significantly limited your sporting activities during the previous months. In this case, you must submit a specific application including a valid medical certificate issued by the Italian National Health Service (SSN), an authorised private medical centre, or a private specialist accompanied by a document of conformity issued by the SSN;
  • you have free access to the sports facilities of the University (swimming pools and weight rooms), subject to the times and rules set by CUS Bologna who manages the sports centres.

In exchange for these benefits, the University may ask you to commit to competing in a number of national and international university competitions, in agreement with the Sports Department of CUSB-Unibo, and to be actively involved in activities aimed at promoting university sports and the Alma Mater-Cusb teams’ by attending agreed and scheduled events. 

How to apply

For a.y. 2021/22 you can apply by 29 October 2021 at noon (you can find the call for applications in the Attachments section).

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