Interruption and return to study

How to return to study at university if you have interrupted your studies.

When does the interruption of studies occur

You interrupt your studies if you do not pay your tuition fees for at least one academic year. This does not include the cases in which the suspension of studies applies.
To check the status of your tuition fee payments you can access Studenti Online or send an email to the Student Administration Office of your degree programme to ask for clarifications.
During the interruption you cannot carry out any degree-related activities (for example, sit exams, present a study plan, etc.).

How to return to study

If you interrupted your university career, you can return to study and complete it.
Remember that the latest university reforms have introduced changes to the degree programmes and some programmes may have changed code or name.

To resume your study career:

  • Send an email to the Student Administration Office of your degree programme to check the status of your university career (payments, exams, and latest study plan) to make sure you have not lost your student status.
  • If you have not lost or are not about to lose your student status, ask the Student Administration Office to upload the recognition fee (a lump-sum calculated according to the number of years in which you have not paid your tuition fees) and any other outstanding fees on Studenti Online; if you plan to graduate by March 2023, remember that you must pay the full tuition fees for the 2021/22 a.y.
  • Fill in the application form to resume your studies [.pdf 632 KB], sign it, apply a €16 stamp duty and present it to the Student Administration Office; for the 2022/23 a.y. you can submit your application from 1 October 2022.
  • Pay the recognition fee and any other outstanding fees following the instructions you find on Studenti Online.
  • At this point, you are enrolled and can attend lectures; to sit exams you can check the scheduled dates and register online on AlmaEsami.

Students with non-European Union citizenship residing abroad (non-EU students)

Interrupting your studies may affect the requirements you need to meet to stay in Italy. Contact the International Desk to check your situation.