Loss of student status

The loss of student status leads to the impossibility to continue your university career.

How you lose your student status

According to the new Student Regulations:

  • You lose your student status if you do not take exams or final evaluations regardless of the result (including failing exams and refusing marks) for 8 consecutive years from the year of your last exam (regardless of the result) or the year of your last regular enrolment, whichever is more favourable.
  • You do not lose your student status if you only need to sit the final examination, regardless of the regulations governing your degree programme.

The 8 years are counted from a.y. 2020/21 included; this rule applies also to students who, based on the pre-existing regulations, would have lost their status on 31 March 2021.

When calculating the loss of student status, please be reminded that:

  • The academic year ends on 31 March of the year following that of enrolment.
  • If you interrupt your studies, the years of interruption count as years not aligned with the exam schedule and count for loss-of-status purposes.
  • Repetition years are equivalent to years not aligned with the exam schedule.
  • The years of suspension are not counted for loss-of-status purposes.
  • The payment of tuition fees does not change the deadlines for the loss of student status.

Once you meet the loss-of-status conditions, you will lose your student status and will not be notified. 

Special cases: disability, SLD 

As a student:

  • If you have a disability rating of 66% or higher, or
  • Are eligible for the benefits provided by Law 104/1992, or
  • Have diagnosed specific learning disabilities (SLD),

you can request a specific resolution regarding your loss-of-status deadlines, regardless of your year of first matriculation.

To this end:

What to do if you lose your student status

If you have lost your student status and intend to start a new university career at the University of Bologna, you must enrol again in the first year of a degree programme. You can however ask the Degree Programme Board to consider recognising all or part of your previous credits. To do this, you will first have to pay a €100 fee.
You will find all the relevant information on the Shortening of programme page.