International students: how to prepare for enrolment

Choose a first, single or second cycle degree programme and learn more about the steps you need to take in order to enrol and the financial aid opportunities offered by the University of Bologna.

Orientation and degree programme choice

Orientation and degree programme choice

Check the programme catalogue and the degree programme website

Choose the degree programme you are interested in from the programme catalogue, using the filters for type of degree programme (learn more about the types of degree programmes offered in the Italian university system), language of instruction, campus and field of study. Learn more on the website dedicated to each degree programme.

Attend online orientation events

Discover the events dedicated to prospective international students. Take part in the virtual fairs and attend the information sessions held throughout the year.

Discover why you should choose the University of Bologna

Discover the opportunities offered by the University of Bologna; get to know its Campuses and university life.

Admission and enrolment

Admission and enrolment

Apply for admission

On the degree programme website, check the ‘Admission’ section: you will find information on the admission procedure and any required tests. Read the call for applications carefully and apply by the deadlines indicated.

Some degree programmes are now accepting applications to the a.y. 2023/24; other degree programmes will open the application process in the coming months. Lectures for the a.y. 2023/24 will start in September/October 2023.

Meet the Italian language requirement (non-EU students)

If you are a non-EU student residing abroad and you want to enrol in a degree programme taught in Italian, you must meet the Italian language requirement: pass the Italian language test or present a valid certificate.


If you are admitted, register on StudentiOnline and pay the first tuition instalment by the deadline set for your degree programme, then follow the procedures to complete your enrolment. If you have a foreign qualification, remember to prepare the necessary documents to enrol in a first cycle, single cycle, or second cycle degree in advance.

To find out how to complete your enrolment, please read the following web pages:

Visas and immigration (non-EU students)

Visas and immigration (non-EU students)

Pre-enrol on Universitaly and apply for a visa

If you are a non-EU student residing abroad, in addition to applying for admission, you must pre-enrol through the Universitaly website. In order to complete your enrolment, you will need to obtain an entry visa.

Apply for a residence permit

Upon your arrival in Italy with a study visa, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

Scholarships and services

Scholarships and services

Find out how to apply for scholarships and financial aid

Check the tuition fees for your degree programme depending on your citizenship, and see if you are eligible for a fee reduction based on your financial situation.

Read the benefits offered by ER.GO and other opportunities for international students.

Check out the services offered by UNIBO

To start your studies in the best possible way, check out the services offered and find out how to improve your Italian. Read about the opportunities and services for finding accommodation.