Attending graduates

Graduates may be permitted to attend the structures of the University of Bologna (Departments, Schools, Institutional Groupings, Inter-departmental Centres, Institutes), for a period of study or research, with a view to improving their professional qualifications.

Admitted graduates may not carry out supplementary teaching activities, educational support activities or fulfil institutional tasks.

If you wish to attend you must:

  • submit an application to the Head of the relative structure in order to obtain authorisation to  attend;
  • pay a fee including insurance.

For the academic year 2019/20 the annual fee was €164.04 for the first enrollment and €160.04 for the years following the first year.

By late October the updated amounts for the following academic year will be published.

Students from outside the European Union (non-EU) should contact the International Desk by e-mail at  for information on residence permits for attending graduates.