72715 - Sport Events Management

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  • Teacher Francesco Franceschetti

  • Learning modules Francesco Franceschetti (Modulo 1)
    Renato Nicolai (Modulo 2)
    Giovanni Paruto (Modulo 3)

  • Credits 10

  • SSD M-EDF/02

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures (Modulo 1)
    Traditional lectures (Modulo 2)
    Traditional lectures (Modulo 3)

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Wellness and Sport Management (cod. 9214)

Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student: - possesses means and skills related to the functioning, organization and general knowledge of sports facilities, both in the amateur sports world and in the competitive one. In particular, it is able to hypothesize and understand the connections between different sectors of CONI, the sports federations and the companies affiliated to them. - has a clear vision of the different organizational levels of a sporting event. - has the competence to evaluate the resources, both human and technical and regulatory, that make up a sporting event and the basis for a practical application for the coordination of the same.

Course contents

Prof. Francesco Franceschetti

Module 1

The technical organization of sports federations and sports clubs

The topicality of sports organizations The origins of sport Sport today A modern definition of Sport and Motor Activity Managerial figures in sports associations The manager of the organization of sports clubs definition of activities main activities skills History and composition of sports bodies The structure of the Italian sports system Historical outline and organization of the International Olympic Committee (CIO) History and organization of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) Historical background, organization and activities of the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) National sports federations The political, technical and administrative organization of the Federations The organs of justice: the Federal Guarantee Commission and the General Prosecutor's Office The judicial bodies: the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal The organs of justice in the Sports Promotion Organizations: the example of the Italian Sports University Center (CUSI) The Recognized and Associated Federations: characteristics Sports Promotion Agencies (EPS) The Meritorious Associations Amateur Sports Associations (ASD) The birth of the Amateur Sports Associations: constitutive deed and bylaws The organs of amateur sports associations: the Assembly of members, the Board of Directors, the President, the Board of Auditors The functioning of the organs: the convocation of the Board of Directors The social report Assemblies: organization, management and contents.

Health protection The normative references Competitive sports activity The validity of the medical certificate The responsibility of sports clubs / associations: obligations and advice Non-competitive sporting activity The certificate for the motor sports activity Uselessness and illegitimacy of "self-certifications" and "disclaimers of responsibility" Insurance protection Insurance protection, obligations of ASDs with FSN and EPS Insured persons and subjects required to take out compulsory insurance Scope of insurance protection, indemnifiable accidents and conditions for compensation Extension of insurance protection for training and ongoing risk. Reasons for exclusion of protection Insurance benefits: criteria for compensation in the event of death, permanent disability and additional benefits Choice of insurer and payment of the premium Containers of sports activities: management and use by sports associations The concession in management of sports facilities: the call structure General requirements Conditions of participation The tender procedure Temporary groupings The allocation in use of municipal sports facilities Institutional motor and sports activity Motor activity in the Primary School The motor activity in the Secondary School of I and II level University sports activity University sports regulated by Law 394/1977 Regulations for University Sport Committees

Module 2

The organization and management of events

Renato Nicolai

The organization of sporting events The manager of sporting events: definition of activities, main activities and skills The functions of the event manager The phases of the sporting event: the control and the final report of the event (event report) Sponsorship The visibility of the event in the social report Risk management The risk The professional figure of the risk manager Risks from social networks The organizational aspects of the sporting event The viability for public show The measures of safety and security The drawing up of the rescue plan and the quantification of the cost

Module 3

Organization and management of sports facilities

Giovanni Paruto

Communication via e-mail How to write an e-mail The structure of the message starting from the object How to write the text Meeting management How to make work meetings more effective How to manage conflicting situations among the participants The preparation of the meeting How to conduct a meeting The procedures to be followed after the meeting.

The sports manager Managerial skills The conscious manager and motivator The motivation The manager of sports facilities definition of activities main activities skills The manager's theory of Daniel Goleman self-awareness social awareness self management management of reports The theory of Harsley and Blanchard Spaces of sports activity The importance of spaces in sport Service areas The sectors The first aid point The installations of particular equipment Fire safety management Approval of playgrounds Contractual types in sports Professional and amateur sport The contract of the professional athlete and the exceptions from the discipline of the common contract The National Collective Bargaining Agreement for Plant Workers and Activities Related to Sport The category of executives in the sports sector Work connected to sport Employed workers linked to the structure by a direct employment contract The services free of charge Sports compensation - different income The management of sports facilities Management and organization of sports facilities The interdependent aspects of a sports structure Types and methods of management The concession Conditions and management methods Revocation of management entrustment Extraordinary and ordinary maintenance of sports facilities The manager and the organization of the sports facility The figure of the manager of a sports facility: tasks, obligations and responsibilities Record keeping Risk assessment: the risk assessment document and the risk assessment document The subjects involved in the safety of the sports facility Safety and emergency First aid workers and the organization of health facilities in a sports facility Declarations of conformity of the electrical system, hydro-sanitary water-fire and thermal Sports accident insurance Liability for the user's injury Sports accident insurance Sports credit The sports credit institution Intervention plans Project preparation Eligible expenses What are the tasks of the Municipality to which the loan has been granted?


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