78677 - Mediation - English (LM)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2023/2024

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with theories of linguistic and cultural mediation and its diverse practical/professional applications. The students are expected to be able to apply the theoretical and practical tools learned in class to the needs of the public and social services, as well as to international and intercultural communication. They are also expected to progress to being able to independently monitor and update their skills and competence, also for the purpose of conducting autonomous research in the field. Language classes aim at improving students’ linguistic competence; over the two year period students’ knowledge of English should reach the level C2 according to the European framework in all four abilities. These classes will work in connection with the lectures to improve students’ writing skills in particular.

Course contents

The course prepares the student for the role of Mediator between English and Italian in various institutional settings such as Healthcare, Business affairs and negotiations, and the Law. Hence, active participation is central to the course through authentic dialogues which recreate the original settings and the student will have to face the problems involved in interpreting not only from a linguistic stand point, but also the cultural discrepancies which arise in the process. Duration: 60 hours (30 lessons of which 19 will be held in class and 11 online).

The course is accompanied by 42 hours of practice meetings held by Dr. Nigel James.


Given the ongoing emergency situation, detailed information regarding reference material will be communicated during the first lesson so that the needs of off-campus students can be met as those students which have physical access to the University’s libraries.

Students are strongly asked to sign up as participants of the VIRTUALE platform in order to receive direct notices via email.

Specific Reference Material and e-book will be uploaded on the course’s VIRTUALE platform.

Teaching methods

Lectures will cover the theoretical and professional ethical aspects of the mediator and these will be accompanied by simulations which will allow the student to apply the concepts and comprehend first hand the difficulties involved, as well as develop their own person strategies.

Visual and written material involved in these settings will be handled through sight-translation between English and Italian.

Teaching Modality: Blended: The course (60 hours) will be held by the teacher, while the practice meetings (42 hours) will be held by the tutor dr. James.

Assessment methods

The exam will consist in an oral exam in which the student will take on the role of mediator to demonstrate their skills in handling a situation between English and Italian in one of the settings seen during the course. The student's skills in sight translation will also be tested. This will represent 2/3 of the final mark.

The final mark will be completed with a written exam worth1/3.

Teaching tools

Didactic material will be made available on the course's online platform VIRTUALE. Students will be required to download available documents and to regularly check for updates.

All students must have MS TEAMS and ZOOM correctly installed with their Unibo credentials.

Office hours

See the website of Antonietta Iacoviello