Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The student, at the end of the course, will know a) wqhy it is possible to acquire bioelectrical signals; b) how it is possible; c) how the standard ECG intrumentation works and d) which are the limitations and the sources of errors of a standard electrocardiograph. Moreover the student will know some basic algorithm for the ECG analysis.

Course contents

Signals acquisition (transducers, signal conditioning, AD conversion)

Fourier Theorem

Bioelectricity: from cellular contraction to vectocardiography

Bi and Uni-polar signal, standard 12-leads ECG

Resistance and capacitance between electrodes and skin

Electrical noise (50Hz and muscular)

Electrical patients’ safety (macro and microshock)

Signal analysis and HRV


Material provided by the teacher and available online (Virtuale).

Teaching methods

The course is made up of lectures with the support of Power Point presentations.

Assessment methods

The exam will be a multiple-choice quiz about all the content of the three modules of the whole course. The student will pass the examination by correctly answering to the 50%+1 of the questions.

Office hours

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