95545 - Clinician-Patient Relationship

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, the student knows the main assertive communication and counseling techniques and the possible emotional reactions that arise within the helping relationship.

Course contents

Definition of Clinical Psychology and the main models of the mind.

The contribution of psychodynamics to the understanding of the relationship between clinician and assisted person.

1) Psychoanalysis and the historical problem of hysteria 2) The psychology of the ego, psychological defenses and adaptation. 3) The theory of object relations, the schizo-paranoid and depressive phases. 4) The psychology of the self and the problem of narcissism, the self-object and the psychopathology of deficit. 5) The attachment theory: the strange situation and attachment style. The mentalization.

The problem of diagnosis in clinical psychology: the DSM V and the Kernberg model.

Elements of psychotherapy useful for assertive communication and the construction of the therapeutic relationship: transference and countertransference, resistances and defenses.


It is not necessary to purchase specific texts. In class will be provided: teaching material available via username and password on the IOL university platform.

Teaching methods

The course consists of 8 frontal lessons of 3 hours each for a total of 24 hours. The contents of the program will be presented with examples of clinical cases.
Any changes due to the health emergency will be promptly communicated.

Assessment methods

The test will evaluate the learning of the main models of the mind to understand, manage, improve the relationship between speech therapist and client. The test (written exam) consists of 31 multiple choice questions (for each question, four answers to choose from) lasting 30 minutes. There is also an ongoing test (one per academic year with evaluation valid for the same academic year) which consists discussion of clinical cases. The correct answer to 31 questions corresponds to a grade of 30 with honors.

Any changes due to the health emergency (for example online test) will be promptly communicated during the course.

Teaching tools

Slides, videos, presentations of clinical cases, interactions with students will be used.

Office hours

See the website of Alessandro Agostini