84344 - Anatomy Laboratory of Nervous System and Sensory Organs (G2)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

Identify the anatomical structures and topographical location of the nervous system through human corpse dissection.

Course contents

nervous system laboratory with new augmented reality technologies and dissecting room


Gray's Anatomy - The anatomical bases of the clinical practise, Elsevier

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy, Elsevier

Teaching methods

Attendance to learning activities is mandatory; the minimum attendance requirement to be admitted to the final exam is 66% of lessons. For Integrated Courses (IC), the 66% attendance requirement refers to the total amount of I.C. lessons. Students who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirement will not be admitted to the final exam of the course, and will have to attend relevant classes again during the next academic year.

Professors may authorise excused absences upon receipt of proper justifying documentation, in case of illness or serious reasons. Excused absences do not count against a student’s attendance record to determine their minimum attendance requirement

Assessment methods

The final verification consists of an oral exam in which the student must demonstrate acquired knowledge of systematic and topographical anatomy. It 'also provided the recognition of a microscopic slide through a microscope.

The evaluation will be weighted average with the other modules of the integrated course.

Graduation of the final grade

Insufficient: lack of preparation. Serious and repeated conceptual errors.

18-19: knowledge of the basic concepts without serious gaps. Exposition of concepts and language as a whole acceptable.

20-24: knowledge of the basic concepts without gaps. Ability to analyze and link in partial autonomy. Exposure of discrete concepts and language.

25-29: preparation of good or very good level or even excellent preparation but with inaccuracies in the presentation that compromise the achievement of full marks. Ability to analyze and link independently. Exposure of concepts in the right succession and mastery of the language.

30-30L: full preparation, consolidated and without inaccuracies on the topics covered in the course. Ability to promptly frame the topic. Ability to analyze and connect independently. Concepts in the right succession and full command of the specific language

Teaching tools


Office hours

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