93847 - Fatigue And Damage Tolerance

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The student becomes familiar with the advanced methods for the evaluation of stress and strain field in aerospace structures; he/she learns and applies the main methods for the conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft. He/she also acquires in-depth knowledge of the Damage-Tolerance methodology used in the design of aerospace structures.

Course contents



Fatigue phenomena

Residual stresses

Stress concentration factors

Fatigue properties of materials

Fatigue properties of structures (notched materials)

Surface aspects in fatigue

Scatter in fatigue

Assessment of fatigue damage growth

Fatigue damage growth

Variable Amplitude fatigue

Fatigue in joints

Fatigue in composites

Fatigue in Composites

Environmental effects

Structural Integrity and the aero structure design dilemma

Evolution of Aircraft Fatigue Design

Linear elastic fracture mechanics

Introduction to linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM)

Residual Strength

Crack Growth

Limitations of LEFM and dealing with plasticity

Damage Tolerance in aircraft structures

Aircraft Certification Regulations pertaining to Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

Load spectra and load measurements

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Testing

Practical Issues in Damage Tolerance: Variability of Initial Conditions and Usage

Hybrid composite structures – a case study



J. Schijve, "Fatigue of Structures and Materials", Springer ed., 2009: is a core material.

D. Broek, "Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics", Kluwer ed., 2002 and D. Broek, "The Practical Use of Fracture Mechanics", Kluwer ed., 1988, can be suggestions for further reading, but are not required for the cours

Teaching methods

Lectures are held by the course teachers. Explicit demonstration of the mathematical approach will be followed by applications to practical aerosapce problems.

Assessment methods

The assessment will be a written exam. Students can practice on the dedicated website where teaching material is available.

Teaching tools

Computer slides by LCD projector are used in addition to the standard blackboard.

Recordings of lectures and practical excercises are available on a dedicated website.

Office hours

See the website of Reyndert Christiaan Alderliesten

See the website of John Alan Pascoe