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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Good health and well-being Reduced inequalities Peace, justice and strong institutions

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The Philosophy Seminars have the specific objectives of seminar teaching: (1) training students in philosophical argumentation by  discussion on themes and texts, also in the original language, presented in meetings with Italian and foreign scholars; (2) broading and deeping philosophical knowledge through participation in conferences held by specialists; (3) comparing different methodological approaches to philosophy.

Course contents

Matters of Injustice. Between Philosophy and Narratives


The Seminar Matters of Injustice. Between Philosophy and Narratives is coordinated by prof. Marina Lalatta Costerbosa and Serena Vantin. It intends to offer students opportunities to reflect and discuss on some of the most urgent and complex problems of juridical-moral, political-social and bioethical relevance.

In the belief that narration (between literature and cinema) can shed a light on some fundamental aspects of the human condition, developing a sort of «poetics of justice» and injustice (Weisberg 1992), the main topics addressed will be freedom of expression in authoritarian regimes, the question of truth in the trial, euthanasia, death penalty, torture, refusal of treatment, racism.

The Seminar will start in the Second Semester:

  • Monday 01.30  3-7 p.m. room L Plesso Belmeloro, Via Andreatta 8
  • Monday 02.06  3-7 p.m. room D, Via Azzo Gardino
  • Monday 02.13  3-7 p.m. roomD, Via Azzo Gardino
  • Monday 02.20 3-7 p.m. room D, Via Azzo Gardino
  • Monday 02.27 3-7 p.m. room D, Via Azzo Gardino
  • Monday 03.6 3-7 p.m. room L Plesso Belmeloro, Via Andreatta 8
  • Monday 03.20 3-7 p.m. room L Plesso Belmeloro, Via Andreatta 8
  • Monday 03.27 3-5 p.m. room II di Via Selmi 2


Each meeting will focus on a book, a classic of literature, which has also received a valuable cinematic depiction. We will focus on, for example, the vision of Sostiene Pereira by Antonio Tabucchi, of Accabadora by Michela Murgia, of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

The complete Seminar’s schedule will be uploaded on the website in September 2022.

Teaching methods

The format of the Seminar is influenced by a methodological choice that combines the relevance of the topic with a double expositive and narrative modality.

Each meeting will focus on a book, a classic of literature, which has also received a valuable cinematic depiction.

After watching the films inspired by the books, the different issues will be introduced by the teachers. At the end of each presentation, an open discussion will take place thanks to the solicitations, questions and interventions of the students.

The meetings will not be recorded, but will be held in blended form (via teams).

Seminar held by Prof. Marina Lalatta Costerbosa and Prof. Serena Vantin

Unjustice in Context. Philosophy and Storytelling



Sostiene Pereira

(A. Tabucchi – R. Faenza)


Porte aperte

(L. Sciascia – G. Amelio)


Ognuno muore solo (Lettere da Berlino) (H. Fallada – V. Perez)



(M. Murgia – E. Pau)


Il buio oltre la siepe

(H. Lee – R. Mulligan)


La panne (La più bella serata della mia vita) (F. Dürrenmatt – E. Scola)


Non lasciarmi

(K. Ishiguro – M. Romanek)



Assessment methods

Attendance signatures will be collected during the meetings. Those students that will participate in at least two-thirds of the meetings will be considered as “attending students”.

For attending students, the final assessment will consist in writing a review on a novel or a movie (released between 2021 and 2023) concerning the topics covered during the Seminar. Further details will be explained during the Seminar.

In case of a positive evaluation on the final assessment, attending students will receive a qualification (“idoneità”).

Teaching tools

Any support tools will be communicated during the Seminar and can be found among the materials of the course.

Office hours

See the website of Marina Lalatta Costerbosa