69469 - English Language and Culture III (Second Language)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire  advanced knowledge of English language and culture -- they will be able to produce written texts and oral discourse with complete ease and spontaneity.

Course contents

One lesson each week will explore English use, grammar and style and varieties of English in the world and across a range of written and audiovisual texts. In particular, we will explore the concept of English and "post-multilingualism" i.e. the shift that is currently taking place in which English is changing from being a static "lingua franca" but more of a flexible phenomenon especially on-line in social media.

A second lesson each week will explore cultural dimensions in the UK with particular emphasis on the concept of "The English" and "Englishness". What are the values of the "English"? Why do they behave as they do?

In view of your upcoming need to write a short dissertation before you graduate, we will learn how to do this in English. I will give you the 101 of how to write an academic paper.


Teaching methods

Most lessons will be delivered lecture-style with supported by slides and students will be encouraged to participate actively in lessons  through group work and discussions.

Assessment methods

Students will be assessed by a written exam plus an oral exam that in January 2023.

The written test will involve writing a short summary of web based textual materials.

The oral component will be based on course content.

A rubric containing a breakdown of how exam marks will be allocated will be available on the UniBo e-learning platform.

These two exams will constitute 50% of the final mark. At the end of the second semester, after having followed the second course module, in summer 2023, students will be examined on their skills in liaison interpreting. The mark obtained from this second exam will count for the remaining 50% of the final mark.


Grading rubrics for this course can be found on piattaforma virtuale.

Office hours

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