00221 - Business Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The student knows the rules governing the commercial enterprise and the transfer of the company, as well as the rules of operation of the corporate bodies, with reference to both partnerships and corporations. He is able to orient himself with ease in the folds of the civil code, also in order to correctly set the problems deriving from the contextualization of the company in the legal environment

Course contents

The program includes the study of the status of the commercial and agricultural entrepreneur, of the theories of the company, of competition and of corporate organizations in a personalistic and capitalistic form with a look also at cooperative societies.


M. CIAN, Manuale di diritto commerciale, IV ed., 2021; G.F. CAMPOBASSO, Manuale di diritto commerciale, settima edizione, 2017

Assessment methods

Oral exam at the end of the course. Oral examination during which the understanding of the institutions covered by the exam program must be ascertained. To take the exam it is necessary to register through the AlmaEsami application, in compliance with the established deadlines. Those who fail to register by the due date, are required to promptly notify (and in any case before the official closing of the registration lists) the problem to the didactic secretariat. It is the faculty of the teacher to admit those who have not registered to take the test.

The students’ knowledge is assessed through a discussion, to evaluate the actual achievement of the learning outcomes. The exam consists in an interview with the appointed commission on the topics included in the programme.

The assessment will take into account the knowledge of the relevant institutional framework, the ability to analyse doctrinal and jurisprudential opinions and, to single out connections between the relevant topics, to critical reasoning, as well as the clarity of presentation and critical thinking.

Teaching tools

Civil Code with complementary laws

Office hours

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