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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

The main aim of the course is to give a practical orientation to entrepreneurship through the development of the personal capabilities, leadership and the supply of operational and conceptual tools for the launching of an entrepreneurial innovative venture.

Course contents

1 - Entrepreneurship and leadership. Entrepreneurial characteristics to be future-proof.

2 - Identify opportunities and generate new ideas.

3 - Lean canvas: how to clarify your enterpreneurial idea. value proposition.

4 - Lean canvas: how to develop and test your entrepreneurial idea: business model .

5 - Presentation design: How to explain your idea to the investors, potential partners and prospects. Rules and suggestion.

6 - The idea protection and the enterprise foundation in the technology based firm and social enterprises.

7 - Team and capitals: two basic variables for a successful tech-based startup and social enterprise. Who are and which are the way to find them.

8 - Eco-system: Developing the idea through alliances and collaborations.


Lecture notes provided by the professor

Teaching methods

Classes AY 2022-2023- They will be held in class at the teaching-science Pole of Ozzano (Bologna) from 2PM to 4PM of the following days:

13/14 april: AULA CUGNINI

20/21 april: AULA CUGNINI

27/28 april: AULA MENSA 


11/12 may: AULA CUGNINI

18/19 may: AULA MENSA

Assessment methods

The final individual exam will be based on open (and/or closed) questions on the topics of the course. Marks will be awarded to the test.

Mandatory attendance. It is required that students attend at least 70% of the planned hours to be admitted to the exam.

Teaching tools

TEAMS platform 

Office hours

See the website of Paola Perini