84243 - Determinants of Health and Disease

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

Describe and critically scrutinize the proximal and structural determinants of health, their uneven distribution within and between different populations, and identify health professionals’ responsibility in reducing inequalities in health, both at a global and local level.

Course contents

Different approaches on health inequalities:

Lecture 1: Social determinants of health: the basics

Lecture 2: Different approaches to health inequalities: examples taken from maternal and child health.

Lecture 3: Social determinants of health and health inequalities.

Lecture 4: Neighbourhood and its importance in the development of health inequalities. The importance of
urban programming and the role of smart cities.

Lecture 5: envronmental disparities in public health

Lecture 6: strategies to tackle inequalities in public health

Lecture 7: class discussions on the papers analyzed

Lecture 8: general recap of all the topics analyzed and course review


Main Topics approached:

Social Determinants Theory

Social Network approach

The ecological approach

The life course perspective

Four social theories in Global Health

Environmental disparities

Tackle inequalities


Teaching methods

Class discussions

power point

Assessment methods

Written test and oral examination (for examination dates, see almaesami.unibo.it)

The test consists of 4-choice questions. Only one answer is correct. There are no penalties for wrong or blank answers.
The test must be completed in 45 minutes.

Module CFU Questions

History of Medicine 1 4

Ethics and Behavioural Sciences 2 8

Medical Statistics and Epidemiology 2 8

Scientific Research Methodology 1 4

Determinant of Health and Disease 2 8

Number of right answers Marks

31/32 30L

30 30

29 29

28 28

27 27

26 26

25 25

24 24

23 23

22 22

21 21

20 20

19 19

18 18

<18 Fail

≥18 and 0 right answers in any module: Fail

Exam marks are published within 3 days on AlmaEsami.
The student can refuse the marks within 5 days from publication by emailing Prof. Rucci (paola.rucci2@unibo.it). All refusals must be sent from the institutional email address @studio.unibo.it
After 6 days from publication the acceptance will be taken for granted and the exam will be recorded.

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