42155 - Coastal Oceanography

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the lecturing period students are acquainted with the theoretical and analytical concept neede to face the study of the coastal ocean dynamics. Particular emphasis is put on: Solid boundaries, Tides, land based mass input. In addition they acquire basic knowledge of the physical processes regulating biological and biogeochemical processes of the coastal ocean.

Course contents

Introduction (main characteristics of the coasta circulation).
The wind driven coastal circulation. Coastal upwellings.
The benthic boundary layer
Tides (theory)
The tides forcing on the coastal circulation.
Buoyancy effects on coastal circulation.
Marine coastal biogeochemical processes and physical dynamics.


Lecture notes (powerpoint slides)and additional material provided by the teacher.

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

POral exam

Teaching tools

Lecturing with powerpoint slides.

Office hours

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