11314 - Computer Science

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

Objective of this course is to favor a more conscious usage of information technologies. The student will acquire basic knowledge about hardware and software, computer networks, the Internet and the Web. After completing the course, the student should be able to: analytically use the computer; follow the evolution of information technologies; use the computer to solve different kinds of problems; be able to use common computational tools.

Course contents

Introduction to Information Technology and brief history of the automation of calculus. Representing information digitally. Computer Architecture. Operating Systems. Computer networks, Internet and WWW. Introduction to HTML. Algorithms. Searching information on the WWW. Social implication of Information Technology. Privacy and digital security. Word processing. Spreadsheets. Introduction to databases.


Lawrence Snyder, Laura Henry Ray, Alessandro Amoroso
Fluency. Conoscere e usare l'informatica

Teaching methods

Lessons and guided practice with computers.

Assessment methods

The exam takes place in the computer lab, composed by a set of questions with multiple choice answers on the topics of the course.

Office hours

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