73126 - Control Systems Engineering and Technologies (2nd cycle)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

With this course the student will:

  • have a good knowledge of the technological architectures and of the main components (PLC, field bus, electric servomotors) used within industrial automation systems;
  • be able to make a clear distinction between the functional and technological aspects during the problem analysis;
  • get in touch with the basic concepts of real-time controller implementation in the field of industrial automation;
  • learn how to analyze and design the "logic control" of an automatic machine compliant to the standard IEC61131-3;
  • learn how to choose the proper electric servomotor based on the motion control task specification.

Course contents

Introduction to industrial automation

Controllers implementation

Architectures and Technologies

Microcontrollers and DSP

Real-Time Systems

Digital calculators for controllers


Logic Control

IEC 61131-3 (SFC, ST, LD, IL, FBD)

Introduction to Codesys

Generic Device and Generic Axis

Fault Dectection and Alarm managment in automatic control systems

Electric Cam generation


Bonivento, Gentili, Paoli "Sistemi di automazione industriale - Architetture e controllo" McGraw-Hill, ISBN 88-386-6440-4

Bonfatti, Monari, Sampieri "IEC 1131-3 Programming Methodology" CJ International (for deepening).

Teaching methods

The course consists of 60 hours in total, divided in frontal lectures and laboratory sessions with simulation software and simplified automatic control systems.

Assessment methods

Written exam regarding the topics presented during the lectures and oral discussion about an individual or a team project of a logic control system.

Teaching tools

Slides of the course, Matlab and Simulink, Codesys, Automation Studio, IndustrialPhysics

Office hours

See the website of Gianluca Palli

See the website of Roberto Meattini

See the website of Roberto Meattini