66979 - Basic Principles Of Mathematics, Probability and Statistics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student has a basic knowledge of mathematics providing the solution of classical and modern problems in the biological sciences. He knows the basics notions of mathematical analysis, algebra, probability and statistics.

Course contents

1) Differential Calculus: limits, derivatives, extremes of a function, convexity. Qualitative study of a function.

2) Integral Calculus: definitions and properties; integration techniques (integration by parts, by substitution). Improper Integrals.

3) Differential equations.

4) Elements of linear algebra: linear systems, linear applications, matrices.

5) Elements of Probability and Statistics.


Suggested reference:

- D.Benedetto, M. Degli Esposti, C. Maffei, "Matematica per le Scienze della vita", Casa Editrici Ambrosiana;

Suggested readings:

- M. Abate, "Matematica e statistica - le basi per le scienze della vita", McGraw-Hill

- A. Guerraggio, "Matematica per le scienze", Pearson

Teaching methods

Frontal classes: the mathematical concepts are introduced and described through examples inspired by natural phenomena.

Weekly exercise sessions complete the preparation.

Assessment methods

A written exam composed of both practical exercises and theoretical questions.

Teaching tools

Lecture notes and updated record of lessons.

Office hours

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