39134 - "History of Medicine Antropology and Sociology in the Food History"

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2022/2023

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student will have the knowledge of the interactions during the centuries between the life of the man and nutrition with the exploration of historical aspects of the strictly related pathologies; will have also knowledge of the historical evolution of some particular types of nutrition that were adopted as essential support to the surgery and intensive techniques.

Course contents

The course will be articulated in modules:

  • Medicine and surgery history from the antiquity to today (medicine and surgery from the Renaissance to today between the different religions and cultures, Hebraic, Egyptian, Greek and Chinese medicine, etc.)
  • diseases history and their knowledge and historical evolution, with particular reference to the epidemic pathologies, from pestilence to recent COVID-19.
  • human body history and human body study history: from humoral theory to the anatomical dissection and imagine diagnostics, the role and the impact that medicine and surgery had also in the art.
  • nutrition yesterday and today and how it have influenced the pathologies insurgence as cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, cancer prevention studies with vitamins, fibers, during the last two decades.


-Storia della medicina e chirurgia ( dalla preistoria agli inizi del XXI secolo), Stefano Pellicano; Calzone Editore

-Minni F. Arte e Chirurgia: viaggio tra i capolavori artistici ispirati alla chirurgia attraverso i secoli. Bononia University press; 2019.

-Muzzarelli MG,Rel. Il cibo e le donne nella cultura e nella storia. prospettive interdisciplinari. CLUEB BOLOGNA.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons with the support of PowerPoint slides

Assessment methods

The exam will be oral and it will be on one or more topics covered during the lessons, the level of learning will be verified at the end of the course and will test the student's knowledge of the topics in the program.

Teaching tools

At the end of the course, the students will receive the slides related to the topics covered during the lessons

Office hours

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