39133 - General Psychology (of Behavior)

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Academic Year 2022/2023

Course contents

OBJECTS AND METHODS OF PSYCHOLOGY-GENERAL: Paradigms and experimental study of cognitive, behavioral, psychophysiological (EEG and ERPs, neuroimaging techniques) measures. LEARNING AND MEMORY: classical conditioning and operant conditioning . Sensory registers, short-term memory, long-term memory. The organization of information in memory. Episodic and semantic memory, declarative and procedural memories. Strategies for storage. Neuropsychological bases of memory and amnesia. EMOTION AND MOTIVATION: Physiological basis of emotion. Subcomponents of emotional responses. Primary emotions (basic) and secondary. Characteristics of basic emotions. Expression and emotion recognition. Primary and secondary motives (affiliation, achievement, etc..), With particular attention to the motivation to work. INTELLIGENCE AND PERSONALITY ': Different approaches to the study of personality. Taxonomic models of basic personality traits. The personality inventories. The assessment of cognitive abilities. Contemporary theories of intelligence. IQ and specific abilities. The intelligence tests.

STRESS AND COPING: Stressors: definition and characteristics. Acute and chronic stress. Physiological reactions to stress. Psychological reactions to stress. Coping strategies. Burn-out syndrome. Stress and work motivation. Stress and conflict in the workplace.


Textbook: Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner (2010). General Psychology. Zanichelli.
In addition, students will use the handouts provided by the teacher (which correspond to the slides of the lectures) that summarize the information in the textbook and provide some supplementary information that can be evaluated in the exam.

Teaching methods

Lectures and illustration of psychological testing materials.

Assessment methods

Achievement Test with 30 forced choice and oral examination.

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