95466 - Persian Language and Linguistic Exercises

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student will know the basic structures of the Persian language and will be able to read and understand simple passages and hold an elementary conversation on given topics: giving information about oneself, (one's preferences, one's health, a typical day, etc.), inquiring about public transport times and routes, ordering something at a bar or restaurant, asking for the price and inquiring about goods in a shop.COURSE HELD BY MOTHER TONGUE TEACHER Dr. Nahid Norozi

Course contents

START: February 9th (three weekly meetings) info: nahid.norozi2@unibo.it

presentation of the basic structures of the Neopersian language: alphabet, parts of speech (noun, verb, etc.), status construct (ezafé).

spoken and written language, hints of syntax.

Writing exercises and reading of easy passages.

Listening exercises

Elementary conversation on given topics.


textbook: Y. Samareh, Persian language teaching, Elementary Course, book 1

Additional materials, printed or virtual, will be distributed by the mother tongue teacher Dr. Nahid Norozi. (presentation of morphology),

grammar: D. Meneghini - P. Orsatti, Corso di lingua persiana (Livelli A1-B1), Hoepli Ed., Milano 2012 (with 2 CD audio)

other grammars:

A. Coletti, Grammatica di lingua persiana, con esercizi , letture, antologia, Ed. La Sapienza Orientale, Roma 2007



Teaching methods

class lessons, group and pair work (for exercises)




Assessment methods

oral and written exams at the end of the course, audio-visual


Teaching tools

materials, other learning aids available on the Internet

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Office hours

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