Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to handle basic communication situations in German with ease.

Course contents

The course will give students a basic understanding of the fundamental grammatical and lexical structures of the German language and an elementary oral and written language proficiency that enables them to interact in a limited number of everyday communicative situations.


The textbook is available in both paper and digital versions.

Textbook paper version:

Menschen A1 Kursbuch, Hueber Publishing House (ISBN 978-3-19-101901-3) chapter 1-18
Menschen A1 Arbeitsbuch. Publishing house Hueber (ISBN 978-3-19-111901-0) chapter 1-18

Textbook digital version:

Kursbuch: https://shop.hueber.de/de/e-menschen-a1-kb-medien-ida.html
Arbeitsbuch: https://shop.hueber.de/de/e-menschen-a1-ab-mp3-z-ab-ida.html

Teaching methods

The approach is communicative. The basic element of communicative didactics is the attention to the use of the language with greater emphasis on functional aspects and communicative competence than grammatical competence.

Assessment methods

Written examination (60min) divided into 4 parts:

- Grammar
- textual understanding
- listening comprehension
- free written production

Teaching tools

Textbook, Film, Content from the Internet, Games, etc.

Office hours

See the website of Monika Hengge