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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure Sustainable cities Responsible consumption and production

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, the student will have to know the innovative and sustainable tools and methods for the "lean" management of industrial and tertiary production systems, both in terms of internal and external logistics flows, and in terms of creating the continuous production flow pulled by the customer.

Course contents

The aim of this course is to deepen the techniques and methodologies of Lean Manufacturing for the lean design of production systems, with particular attention to the operational management and the management of materials within a Total Flow Management point of view.

Recommended prerequisites/prerequisites:

The student who accesses this course knows the fundamental notions of IndustrialPlants, Industrial Logistics and Advanced Production Systems and masters the main terminologies of a production system and Lean Production. This knowledge is normally acquired by passing the exam of Industrial Plants TAB, Industrial Logistics T AB and Advanced Production Systems M.

He also masters the use of the calculator and the main Office packages (i.e. Excel).

All lessons will be held in Italian. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the Italian language to successfully follow the course and to be able to use the teaching material provided.


Introduction (3h)

Introduction to Total Flow Management (TFM) and lean supply chainprinciples. Value Stream Mapping as a tool for implementingTFM.

TFM tools and methods in the production process (7h)

Design of lines and resources; Sizing transport kanbans

Sizing of production kanbans (signal, batch) and supermarkets

Analysis and design of continuous flow in internal logistics (7 h)

Elements of internal logistics, supermarket restoration, synchronization, material management using Mizusumashi, pull production planning

Analysis and design of continuous flow in external logistics (7 h)

Elements of external logistics, the Milk Run, flow delivery strategies.

Lean-green Supply Chain (6 h)

Green production principles integrated with the principles of Lean production. The tool of Sustainable Value Strean Mapping. Examples.

GROUP project

Building a Sustainable Value Stream Mapping


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Teaching methods

Lecture notes of the teacher, exercises of the teacher

Assessment methods

Written exam with exercises and theoretical questions; presentation of a group project

Teaching tools

Company testimonials, successful case studies, group work on real cases

Office hours

See the website of Cristina Mora