Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The course is composed of 30-hour lectures and a 40-hour laboratory.

At the end of the course students should reach a minimum level of B2 (Council of Europe framework) for spoken German, while the ideal level is C1.

Students should be able to understand written texts and to write texts of average difficulty regarding the disciplines of the degree course, and to make a simple oral report on it.

Course contents

The aims of this seminars are: to complete the acquisition of a solid active and passive competence of the morphosyntactic and lexical structures in the oral and written communication in order to promote the development of a metalinguistics awareness. Special emphasis will be put also on the Wortbildung system and on the phenomena of language changes tied to cultural, social-historical, political and literary factors also from a contrastive point of view.


Texts for the analysis will be provided at the beginning of the lessons on the platform "Virtuale"

Teaching methods

Oral lectures

Assessment methods

At the beginning the lessons will be teacher-centered whereas in a second moment participating students will present topics suggested by the teacher or chosen by the students themselves according to their special interest.

In the final examination the students will be asked to show their knowledge about the topics analysed during the course.

70% of class attendance is required.

Non attending students must contact the teacher at the beginning of the course.

Teaching tools

Use of internet, audio and video platforms, reading of texts.

Office hours

See the website of Alessandra Basile