Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will have got knowlegde of all main e-government authentication systems.
Moreover they will be able to use online services provided by Italian government bodies such as INPS, INAIL, Italian Revenue Agency, Local Chambers of Commerce.
Lastly they will easily consult documentary databanks.

Course contents

First Part: Electronic Identification

- Electronic Identification and Digital Identity
- Authentication tools: physical, non-physical and biometric ones.
- eID
- Electronic Trust Services

Second Part: Italian e-government systems

- Register in and entry into the Register of firms
- Online compulsory communications
- Italian Revenue Agency Service Provider
- INPS Service Provider
- INAIL Service Provider
- SUAP Service Provider
- Lay magistrates internet services (SIGP)
- Electronic billing
- Identity-Card-on-line and Passport-on-line booking services

Third Part: E-documentation

- Electronic document and IT document
- From files to documentary databanks
- Search criterions of electronic documents


Francesco Tura, Cittadinanza digitale e realtà imprenditoriali, Bologna, Esculapio, 2021.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons.

Three self-assessment tests will be organised during term time. Students can perform them by using books and notes. Such tests do not involve any evaluation.

Assessment methods

The examination consists in a written test composed by six open answering questions regarding as many themes choosen from the ones listed in Course contents. Maximum time: 90 minutes. Zero to five points are given to each of the six themes, such rating depending on relevance, correctness, and of fluency of the answer. A sixth point is given to very exhaustive and detailed correct answers. The final mark is determined by summing all points obtained in the various answers. Praise is granted if the sum is greater or equal to thirty-three. 

Students accepting the result of the written test can verbalise it in the teacher's office hours within six months after taking the test. No email verbalisation is contemplated in any case. The credits related to this course will be acquired only starting from the verbalisation date: Students must take this into account in the case of scholarships, residence permits or other situations that require the achievement of a certain number of credits within a certain date.

Students may ask an additional oral test (only one question regarding a theme choosen from the ones listed in Course contents): in that case the final mark can differ at most of three units (more or less) compared to the one of written test. The oral text evaluation depends on students' knowledges, critical reasoning ability, and sound use of language. The (unique) oral test date is published jointly to the results of written test.
Even students who achieve an evaluation correspondig to 16/30 or 17/30 in the written test may ask to take the oral test, but in that case the final mark cannot exceed 18/30.

Students who do have not signed up in the dedicated list within its expiration date (seven days before) cannot absolutely take the test. Students having technical or burocratic problems in signing up must contact the teacher before the expiration date.

An early exam session is expected for attending students: Admission and carrying out rules will be explained during lessons.


In case of students having certified their belonging to one of categories allowed to take exames remotely, an oral examination
concerning all course contents is expected to take place in substitution of the written test. The date of such oral exam
will be scheduled in the days that follow immediately the one of the corresponding (written) exam session and will be
communicated to students by email. In order to take the exams remotely, students must own a desktop or laptop personal
computer (no tablet, no smartphone) and install the Zoom application.

Teaching tools

Textbook and slides illustrated during classes.

Office hours

See the website of Francesco Tura