93730 - Advanced Sensors for Electric Vehicles M

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

Aim of the course is to give a basic preparation, design skills, and understanding the specifications of sensors and measuring systems for automotive applications.

Course contents

The course will focus mainly on the overview and analysis of a set of sensors relevant to the automotive scenario

In particular we will deal with:

  • Measurement chain
    • from sensors to signal conditioning, ADC, processing.
    • Static and Dynamic characteristics
  • Sensors
    • Detectors of Humans
    • Velocity and Acceleration
      • Incremental and absolute encoder and resolver
    • misura della corrente (Sensori di corrente effetto Hall da inserire in retroazione)
  • Sensor Networks for Automotive

In the last part, the course will provide a view on the interconnections of sensors within modern automotive networks.


J. Fraden: Handbook of Modern Sensors, Physics, Designs, and Applications: Springer, 2016.

A. Ferrero, D. Petri, M. Carbone, M. Catelani (a cura di), Modern Measurements -- Fundamentals and Applications. --: Wiley / IEEE Press, 2015.

Teaching methods

The lectures will be mainly taught in presence, following the calendar of the course.

On the basis of the evolution of the Covid-19 health emergency, teaching activities via distance learning may also be evaluated.

Assessment methods

The assessment will be based on the following elements:
1. verification of understanding of the proposed arguments
2. appropriate use of specific language and terminology
3. ability to apply the theoretical notions studied during the course.

The final exam consists of an oral exam.

Thiswill cover the entire course programme and will consist of a set of open questions, which will cover both the main theoretical aspects, and the assessment of the skills acquired with respect to the solution of practical problems. The latter questions may require some numerical steps.

Office hours

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