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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

To provide a historical-critical knowledge of the main experiences of architecture from the origins of modern architecture to the positions of current architecture; the fundamental episodes of the artistic production of the twentieth century are also dealt with. Elaborations on the History of Architecture are carried out, integrated with teaching in the area of architectural design and restoration.

Course contents

The course will go through the national and international history of architecture dating between the end of the XIX century and today. We will consider cities, architectures and theories to investigate some antinomies that marked and still mark the architectural culture and the professional status of the designer. More specifically:

personality / anonymous
author / work
architecture / technology
history / design
internationalism / cosmopolitism
urban forms / urban processes




Crisis of Eclecticism and new models of creativity


In search of truth: technique, ornament, order


Body and metropolis: the Avant-Garde contribution


Modern Movement


Autobiographies of Anonymous Architects I


Post-war Italian Architecture


Autobiographies of Anonymous Architects II


Ex-cathedra lessons, critical drawing exercise, study visits.

Teaching methods

Ex-cathedra lessons, critical drawing exercise, study visits.

Assessment methods

Critical drawing exercises will be included in the final rating.

The final evaluation will be based on an interview.

Teaching tools


Office hours

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